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DJ Surge

DJ Surge

“As soon as I walk on stage I entice the musical mind with nail biting buildups, blood bursting hype, and then create a euphoric explosion with drops after almost feels like a war invasion of beats.” 

Every artist has their muse or inspiration, and with Surge, that muse comes from the guidance and influence of styles from top DJ’s such as Afrojack, Hardwell, Carnage, Calvin Harris. Their passion is obvious not only in the originality of their music, but also in the method of his performance, which will quickly make DJ Surge a worldwide name. He does not thrive on using playlists, pre-game music or even cue points, he quite literally goes with the flow and uses the energy from the crowd to create unique twists at every show. Surge even states he would “often improvise” and his true talent is the ability to be explosively unpredictable and leave the crowd wanting more.  
“I am recreating the hype to make sure it never fades...constant surprises. That’s what I’m all about!” 
Alongside his brother Enerjay this unparalleled duo (The House Invaders) have dominated the scene time and time again with his endless innovative style of mixing and production, by combining genres such as progressive, electro, trap, Jungle Terror, Future Deep, and Melbourne to indirectly make their own hyped genre. In the lane of production Surge has produced tracks for various artists that are best described as ground breaking. 
Surge has landed a plethora of bookings at some of the most iconic venues across the US & Mexico including but not limited to Webster Hall, Pacha, Stage 48, Lavo, Santos Party House, Glazz, La Marina, Yotel, Avalon, Deep, Marquee (Las Vegas), Polazzo (Cancun Mexico), Daddy O’s (Mexico), Manison (miami), Cameo (Miami), also spinning for NYC Times Square Every year on New Years Eve. Surge has also made waves headlining some of the top EDM festivals including Electric Flurry, Live Your Life, Yaggermeister Spring beach festival (Mexico), Illumination, Im Shmacked to name a few. 
Currently, DJ Surge & his brother Enerjay continue to spin for and book out the hottest venues statewide. Their intimate interaction with the crowd, in addition to their insane, mind blowing beats is what creates such a rich, unique and memorable experience. Their use of traditional approaches, with inventive methods and undying passion is becoming an inspiration to many and invading the “raging” hearts of all who listen. 

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